Postwar Celebration Series Congressional Set

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Of all the trains in America... none is more graceful, none carries more important dignitaries than the world-famous 'Congressional' between New York and Washington, D.C. - and it's pulled by the Pennsy's own "GG-1" ! No wonder Lionel has been deluged with requests to bring this model locomotive back! In 1955, nothing in the World of Lionel was finer than the top-of-the-line Congressional Set, featuring the newly resurrected GG-1 with striped aluminum passenger cars. To accurately recreate this Postwar masterpiece, we've dusted-off our Congressional decoration-guidance files from the 1950's to capture the look, fit and feel of the original. Whether you missed the set in 1955, or are discovering it now for the first time, don't be left at the station without seeing it at your local dealer. GG-1 Features:
  • Dual Pullmor motors, 12 wheel drive, Command controlled, RailSounds with TowerCom and Crewtalk, Die-cast body, trucks and pilots, Magne-Traction, Operating directional headlights, ElectroCouplers, Metal ladders, Operating pantographs, Postwar Celebration Series builders plaque
Passenger Cars Feature:
  • Extruded aluminum bodies, Die-cast trucks, Metal frame, Operating couplers, Interior Illumination, Passenger silhouettes, Postwar Celebration Series builders plaques

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